Hilton Head 2022

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This year's theme is "Un-Zooming Hilton Head" where we will take an opportunity to reengage our colleagues face to face, while providing a refresher on some of the finer points of actual in person human interaction. After far too many years apart, we hope that this event will allow you to catch up with old colleagues, as well as to create an environment for you to network and make new colleagues. The organizing committee hopes that you will also learn some new facts about micro manufacturing in the first half of the session. Additionally, given the long time span since we have last gathered (Moore's Law is unrelenting), we hope that the second half of the rump session will allow the microsystems community to engage in stimulating conversation on the future of our field, the future direction of the global microsystems supply chain, and the future of in person technical meetings.

Of course, our pandemic experiences are not to be overlooked, so while we are Un-Zooming Hilton Head we hope to showcase the experiences of the microsystems community. We invite you to submit your favorite before/during/after COVID photos, or perhaps your favorite Zoom background, so we can incorporate your experiences into our biennial intellectual exchange. If you would like to share some content, or have questions, please email it to: info@hh2022.org

Rump Session Committee

Robert "Chris" Roberts
University of Texas, El Paso

Vikrant Gokhale
Naval Research Laboratory

Matteo Rinaldi
Northeastern University

Christian Zorman
Case Western Reserve University