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i-ROM GmbH
Neukirchen, Saxony 09221 GERMANY
phone: +49-152-0475-5433

i-ROM is the new generation of MEMS design software. Simply draw the sensor, similar to a CAD system, click, and the complete structure with all parameters is recorded in the i-ROM MODELBUILDER. Comprehensive model libraries with standard and user-defined comb cells and parallel plate capacitors support the model input. The MODELBUILDER enables static, harmonic, and transient analysis. Even complicated models with several mass bodies, arbitrary spring shape, and capacitive transducers can be modeled in a very short time. The models are fully parametric and also take into account the manufacturing tolerances such as mask undercuts and etch sidewall slopes, electromechanical interactions and non-linearities. Interface to ANSYS and SIMULINK as well as a mask export to complete the i-ROM MODELBUILDER and make it a "must have" for every MEMS development department.